Kali-Eden Corporation


Kali-Eden is an Israeli-Indian Biotechnology, Geoengineering and Life Sciences company. It has headquarters in Tel Aviv and Chennai, with a global and interplanetary presence. Kali-Eden is a pioneer in the field of ‘Bio-Industrial Cybernetics’. This is the application of biological and nature-based solutions to areas such as manufacturing, infrastructure, medicine, defence, consumer goods, agriculture, energy, material sciences etc. The company is considered top be the largest player in this field.


Kali-Eden was formed from a merger between Israeli Civil Engineering company ‘Eden Heavy Industries’ (EHI) and Indian Biotechnology firm ‘Kali Labs’ in 2089. The merger was the brainchild of Kali Labs founder and CEO Sundar Annadulai.

The resulting organisation was well placed to service humanity’s urgent needs for climate adaptation and space colonisation. As a result, the company achieved exponential growth that secured its status as a key critical infrastructure provider. This status was formled to Kali-Eden’salised when the Union of Space Exploration and Enterprise (USEE) granted Kali-Eden a lucrative Celestial Supplier Tier 1 license.

This license gave Kali-Eden clearance to conduct autonomous space exploration and colonisation missions. Thus, the company gained official recognition as a preferred supplier to various government space programmes.

Projects and Products

Kali-Eden pioneered the following notable projects and products:

  • The Metallic Rainforest (which restored oxygen and carbon capture capacity lost from the original Brazilian Rainforest)
  • The Life Cell (A perpetual oxygen production tank)
  • The bio-cell circuit board – Specially fabricated bio-material that can more efficiently conduct electricity for use in electronics systems.
  • Cyborg Bumble Bees – Electronically controlled and enhanced bees used for plant pollination and surgical pest control
  • M23 Wheat – A strain of wheat crops that can be grown in indoor trays at scale
  • Aqualantis – an artificial island dedicated to water purification that currently supplies c.30% of the earths drinkable water supply
  • The V10 ‘Cat Eyes’ – surgically transplanted eyes that enable night vision


Numerous environmental groups, human rights organisations, labour advocacy groups and governmental agencies have publicly criticised Kali-Eden’s operations. One of the most common charges leveled at the company is that its projects and products could cause further negative impacts on Earth’s ecosystems. In supporting humanity’s adaptation to climate change, it shields the human race from the repercussions of their affect on the environment and further encourages the exploitation of the natural world.

Investigative journalists have alleged that the company regularly carries out unethical and illegal experiments on living organisms. Some of these allegations also accuse Kali-Eden of experimenting on human beings.

The company’s Bio-warfare division has come in for particular scrutiny and suspicion. This concerns its projects to enhance living organisms with cybernetic technology so that they may be utilised as weaponry. This includes the Cyborg Bumble Bees as assassination tools and the development of chemical weapons based on lethal poison from the Brazilian Blue Frog.

More sensational rumors insist that the company’s Safety & Security Division have located and captured alien organisms in its various extra planetary operations. These rumours imply that the company have not declared these discoveries to the Space Customs Office.


Kali-Eden’s most promising upcoming initiative is the ‘Planet Rama Development Programme’. A company exploratory probe discovered the existence of a an unknown planet in the Oppen system, which was subsequently named ‘Planet Rama. There is very little publicly available information about the planet other than it likely has the capacity to support human life. Planet Rama has been classified as a Tier 1 Military-Industrial Celestial Body by the USEE. Kali-Eden has obtained a universal Ownership & Exploration license for the entire planet. Therefore, the company is recognised as the sole owner and administrator of the planet. This includes all land, resources and, potentially, organisms native to Planet Rama.

Humanity waits in exciting and nervous anticipation of what new innovations will emerge from Kali-Eden’s discoveries on Planet Rama.

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Ash Ravan