Ravaan-82 Worldbuilding Series: Beware of Diamond Storms

Ravaan-82 Worldbuilding Series: Beware of Diamond Storms

This is a piece of worldbuilding as part of the Ravaan-82 fiction series.

Universal warning sign/signal on the Planet Ravaan to indicate an imminent Diamond Storm

The Planet Ravaan is infamous for its extreme and volatile weather patterns. The most well known and deadliest of these weather patterns are the planet’s regular Diamond Storms. These Diamond Storms form when Carbon Dioxide clouds in the atmosphere react to Nitrogen currents. The force of these reactions violently isolates the carbon elements of the clouds and exerts enough pressure on this carbon to forge solid diamond fragments. A process which normally takes thousands of years to complete in most conditions takes mere hours in Ravaan’s atmosphere.

The average Diamond Storm will encompass an estimated one hundred to two hundred thousand individual diamond fragments. These diamonds are then shot at the surface of Planet Ravaan through the force of the planet’s gravity. The combination of the planet’s strong gravitational pull, the significant weight of each diamond fragment and the sheer distance that each diamond travels means that falling diamonds can reach speeds of up to one hundred miles per hour by the time they reach the surface.

This, along with the razor sharp shape of diamond fragments, makes Diamond Storms a lethal health and safety hazard. Tragically, the Ravaan-82 mining facility has seen much Diamond-Storm-induced loss of life and property damage since the start of its construction.

Therefore, all Ravaan-82 staff, residents and visitors must adhere to the life saving ‘ASAC Protocols’.





A- Alert

Remain alert at all time for indications and warnings of oncoming Diamond Storms. The Ravaan-82 facility boasts the latest Advanced Early Warning System. This will detect incoming extreme weather events. This system will set off warning alerts at least thirty minutes prior to the onset of a Diamond Storm.

Keep an eye out for the universal Diamond Storm warning sign (see graphic above). These signs are installed in every section of the Ravaan-82 facility and will flash red continuously once a warning has been issued by the system.

The warning system will also project a larger hologram version of this sign onto the sky in the event of a Diamond Storm. You can view this hologram from any point in the Ravaan-82 site from where you can see the sky.

In addition to these visual warnings, you will also receive regular and clear audio warnings in the event of a Diamond Storm. These audio warnings will be issued across all Ravaan-82 communications channels, including radio frequencies, internal messaging systems and podcasts. Any existing communications will be temporarily paused to allow these audio warnings to be emitted until the storm has passed.

Whilst the visual warnings are static images, the audio warnings will change to inform you of how much time left until the diamond storm hits the surface.

S – Shelter

Cease what you are doing and immediately make your way to the nearest designated Shelter Zone. These Shelter Zones will be marked with a green circle against a yellow background.

You can locate your nearest Shelter Zone by following the directions signs posted all around the Ravaan-82 facility. You can also seek assistance from the helpful AI Safety Marshall’s stationed throughout the facility. These Marshall’s can safely guide you to the nearest Shelter Zone.

Please note that all official residential buildings and worker dwellings are already designated Shelter Zones. If you are already within one of these locations when the warnings are given, please stay where you are.

If you are operating any heavy machinery, equipment or software connected to critical infrastructure, please safely switch these off before heading to a Shelter Zone.

Focus on getting yourself to a Shelter Zone rather than stopping to help others. This does not, however, apply to YOUR OWN children.

A – Await

Once you are safely inside a Shelter Zone, stay put and await further instructions.


You will receive confirmation when it is safe to leave the Shelter Zone.

C – Comply

Comply with ALL instructions and orders. This is for your own safety.

Defiance leads to death.

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